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2012-01-04 11:24 pm

New Year, New Resolutions

So a bunch of my friends were creating dreamwidth accounts and I was like "you know what, fuck it, let's do this thing" and thus [personal profile] talkingmotorrad was born. ~Tada~ Feel free to friend/add me there!

I've been meaning to update for the longest time but I just... never got around to it. I hope to post more this new year but ehh I always say that so who knows?

Anyway 2011 happened and what a fucking year. There were some high highs and some low lows, like lol really low lows. My depression hit it's peak, my relationship with my mom was torn to shreds, and I spent most of the year feeling like I wasn't able to do anything.

However, this year I also went to Feelingscon in NC to meet up IN REAL LIFE with nerd friends, I graduated from high school, and I not only survived but also enjoyed my first quarter of college?!!??! I stuck with water polo until the end, playing for over 4 years, and I joined UCSD's crew team!

So my resolutions (aka goals that I hope to achieve at least a few of) for 2012 are:

Drum roll please... )